Captain’s Log: Spring 2017 Edition

Goin’ to Go Coastal!

Having a major melt down here in Bluewaterland, trapped inside ‘cuz it’s pouring Spring rain outside. I just hit the Man Cave Bar to grab a Margarita and there is SERIOUS trouble in Paradise! Just used the last shot of my (Mexican vacation) el Jimador Tequila, then had to put major squeeze on the milk jug of homemade Margarita mix to get enough to fill the rest of the glass and limes are now selling for $0.47 EACH!


Well enough about my trauma’s, as everybody knows Jimmy’s coming to Detroit (USA) this summer and by the time your reading this, you’ve missed your chance to get tickets @ Parrot Head discount prices – or should I say at the Avian price “Sky High!”

Locally, first up a reminder to PH’s on the St.Clair, March 31st, was the dead line for paying club dues, if you didn’t, you’re no longer a member in good standing. Be advised, a cash donation to the Club Treasurer ($20 for a single or $30 for a Family) and buying the President a Margarita, you will get amnesty from prosecution (keelhaul’n!) and reinstatement. I’m such a softie (or is that Alcoholic?).

Next up, as I announced in my last log, as a Club we were looking into bringing back our river cruise, well, WE ARE! A date has been secured with the Duc’d’Oleans riverboat – August 4th, the Friday of the Canadian Civic Long Weekend. VP Lee has lined us up a band we can afford. While not necessarily a Trop Rock band, they are good and well known locally with a good following to help sellout the boat. We are going to be on the hook for a serious amount of cash here folks, so we all need to get on board (I really didn’t just say that did I?), and sell tickets. We are planning onboard raffles and draws to help raise some extra cash, which apparently we do not need to go through all the hassles (and cost) of licensing as it covered by the boat, but we will need volunteers to sell tickets. So mark the date on your calendars! Due to my work shift schedule, I missed the last couple of meeting, at which, it was decided instead of selling tickets, the Club would sell Club logo’ed drink coozies AND this would be your boarding ticket! Didn’t see that one coming but gonna admit it’s a novel idea!

April will be our last Bar POETS before we switch over to our Backyarders format, with Lady Di and myself co-hosting the season opener in May with Club Treasurer Lisa and her 1st Mate (who in this day in age is STILL on their 1st  marriage) and Club MAL Rob. We are heading out to Skeeter Barlo’s in Bright’s Grove and members Pat and John (Grove-ites) have invited us all back to the “Casa” for beverages. Just a heads up, beware of John’s Pirate Punch, it packs just that a PUNCH!!!

Lastly, another plug for the Northern Migration – Phlock to the Falls, in Niagara Falls, Sept 17/2017. Go online, register and Migrate to the Party! It’s the closest thing we have to a Canadian MOTM, and it’s at Canada’s only Margarittaville, don’t let it die!!!

Til my next log, Thank God for Morgan and Mango. Scurvy’s not gonna get me!

El Prezidente

Captain’s Log: The Mexican Expedition

  Well Lady Di and I are fresh off the big jet airliner from Hautulco, Mexico and the bar is fully stocked with Tequila, (as well as a little Mexican Bacardi’s Rum – a 40ozer was $8 Cdn in the grocery store, a deal to good to pass up). The weather was awesome, not even a hint of rain as it is the dry season in this area. We hooked up with our friend who winters down there as well as friends from Lady Di’s office, who had told us all about the resort and who then grabbed a last minute selloff to surprised us as we went into our second week. While we were staying at an all inclusive, Lady Di and I are not ones to remain cooped up on the reservation. We took a “you drive it yourself” safari in early ‘70’s VW Things to a deserted beach so far off the “beaten” path even the goats were getting lost trying to find the place! On the way home we stopped and did an archaeological dig at an ancient Mayan village. Actually, all we did was stop on the side of a hill and rooted through the wash down for pottery shards, of which we found all kinds! We day tripped into the mountains to attend the weekly native market – anybody for dried fish on a stick? I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found the spice vendors, every conceivable spice fresh (or dried), buy as much as you need. My cooking’s flavor would go through the atmosphere, unfortunately so would the heat! This was followed by  beach bar snorkeling at another bay. Think Jacques Cousteau diving from the tiki hut not the boat! The reef was only six feet from the shore. You barely had room to get your flippers on before you were over the coral and swarmed by schools of fish – absolutely awesome!!!!

Well enough about our holiday, time to pass on the news. Phlock to the Falls – The Northern Migration is on for September 16. The Niagara Parrot Heads have an all star line up of Thom Shepherd (and Coley), Donny Brewer, Bodean and “Music of Now and Then”. Registration opens Feb 27, check things out at Back on home front, our P.O.E.T.S. are in full swing, with the crew enjoying  great BBQ @ Bain’s BBQ just last week. Check our web page for our next stop for next month. NOTE: Word on street is the old Montana’s in Sarnia is suppose to be reopening as a Smoke and Spice Southern BBQ joint – definite must do and possible stop for next winter’s bar tour! While I missed our club’s last meeting, apparently the crew discussed the possibility of bringing back our riverboat cruise for 2017. Keep an eye on this website (and Facebook) for details – IF and when this event comes to fruition, so you don’t miss out. Speaking of the web page, our IT guru Doc Phlockerson has out done himself by now linking all our favourite Trop Rock radio stations AND Margarittaville TV to the page. You can now click the link and listen!

In conclusion:

I’ve put a lot of time, effort and thought into it and… I just don’t think this being an Adult thing is gonna work for me!          

Your Prez

Captain’s Log: January 2017 Edition

Happy New Year y’all, and welcome to 2017. Hope you found a place to party Dec 31, Lady Di and I just snuck over to the neighbours’ (we all belong to the local jeep club), but it was an early night as my first day back to work from holidays was, yep you guessed it, Jan 1 and haulin’ one’s butt outta bed @ 4:30 (yes am!), is a mission on a good day (or should that be night!).

For those of us following Facebook, the top gossip is the start of the Canadian Rebellion! Hamilton’s A1-Eh Parrot Head Club has decided due to the lack of any PHIP support to Canadian clubs, to withdrawn their membership and reform as the A1-EH Trop Rockers (club/association/MC?). I have to confess, I have to agree with their reasoning. Here in the Great White North, I’ve accepted we would be isolated/cut off from most any support of the American affiliation. To our sister (or is that brother) club, Bluewater’s credit, (first off for submitting a petition to PHIP to allow us to form in the first place – inside the 50 mile no fly zone – oohh that was such a Parrot Head analogy!), they have stepped up to the plate and done their best to ensure (by having “American” Parrot Head items ship to them instead of try to cross border the stuff) our equal treatment. Our border position is not a situation the A1-Eh club can utilize. Fact is, other than perhaps Niagara South (and Buffalo) we are in a unique situation. I don’t fore see our club joining the rebellion, (but stuff happens and we DO have a rebel element), as we have, as I said earlier, fully accepted our isolation or maybe I should rephrase that and say “independence” of PHIP. One of A1-Eh’s known complaints was the cost of $75 USD to register their Club. With the devaluation of the Canadian dollar, this is now over $100 and you get what for it –NADA! Once again, our border position and the number of joint memberships between Bluewater Parrot Heads and our club, has us willing to accept USD @ par for US memberships in our Club. Mighty white of us, if I say so myself! These US funds then off set most of our cost of registering with PHIP. I can only speak for myself (and I’m sure the rest of the club will pass the resolution, when I bring it up @ January’s meeting) we will continue to support any and all efforts of the A1-EH Trop Rockers – be they Parrot Heads or not!

In conclusion, I just like to say Lady Di (presently sick with a cold) and I are crossin’ days off the calendar til we head for Mexico’s Pacific coast for the last 2 weeks of this month. I will dedicated the first (2nd, 3rd and as many as I can take for the team) shot of Tequila to y’all sufferin’ back here in the Great White North.

Viva la Revolution!

Your Prez

Captain’s Log: Holiday 2016

Well winter has descended upon the Great White North. We have 8 inches of snow already on the ground, single digit (old school Fahrenheit) temperatures with wind chills dropping that into the negatives – and a blizzard forecasted to start within the hour bring another half foot or more before daybreak. To quote some psychopath, “It’s starting to look a lot like Christmas!” ‘ELL NO it isn’t, my vision of Christmas is me, Nog’n’Morgan in hand, sittin’ in a bamboo chair on the beach under a decorated palm tree!

The Club’s bowling night toy drive for the Inn was again a success, and truly a family event this time around with the youngsters coming out in record numbers for the event, and just so everybody knows, I’d of had a near perfect game if you suckers hadn’t switched out my ball on me. You thought I would notice my pink ball sudden became lime green, well I did – took five frames BUT I knew something was off, (but I was positive it was the lack of lime in my Corona that was causing my sudden hooking)!

Next I’d like to thank all the folks who came out to Lady Di and I’s Club Christmas party. A good time was had by all who attended and a number of thank you’s are in order. First to anybody who brought a dish, next to Treasurer Lisa and her daughter Megan for the help in the prep department. Her husband (and Club MAL) Rob for the use of his BBQ to supplement our’s, John H. for again picking up the tongs and taking on the cooking duties, this time sharing the duties with new comer (but old Q pro) Mike S. Thanks to our ‘Mercan crew for coming out, Mr. BB in particular for helping with “ginsu’ing” the steak and chicken for the fajita’s, and especially to Mrs. BB for “importing” Labatt’s Blue Light Lime beer to stock the Q cooler! Doc Phlockerson for again providing us with his Mexican lasagna casserole, but dang dude you gotta go easy on that Ghost pepper powder that batch was feakin’ HOT!!!!! Lastly thanks to Mother Nature for not raining (as the weatherman was predicting) and allowing us to par-tA in the driveway and Tailgate outta Rob’s garage bar, and I truly mean tailgate – he has a bar made outta the last foot and an half of a Chev truck box, complete with tailgate!

Well my glass of Captain is down to the cubes, so it’s time to wrap up this month’s ramble by wishing each and every one of you and your’s, a safe and Merry Christmas,  and best wishes for a Happy New Year.

“Away to the window I flew like a flash, nearly spilt my drink and threw up the sash – and found it was feakin’ snowin’ a’gin!!!!!”

Your prez – Denny

Captain’s Log: November 2016


Well Lady Di and I are home from another fun and sun filled Meeting of the Minds in Key West. We took St. Clair Parrot Head member Becky and Hamilton’s A1-EH Sue, and while they both had been to Key West, they had never taken the “Parrot Head” tour. We hooked up with all our friends from the Mini-St. Somewhere Club, Detroit, Parrot Heads on the Grand, Toronto Maple Reefers, all our musician friends including Bodean. Your fearless Captain even rented a scooter for a few hours of island cruising, but I’ll take my big Harley ElectraGlide any day. Those scoot’s are downright crazy to ride in that kinda mass confusion! We took a Sunset Sailboat Pirate cruise with the Conch Fritters steel band. The attached photo is none other than your infamous Captain prepared to lead the boarding party! A least that’s what they told me?

As fall now turns to winter, the Club now shifts the POETS from the backyard to the bar scene with all the monthly locations being picked @ last month’s meeting. Hope everybody attends as many as they can, so we can be seen (and heard) in the St. Clair area. November 19 is our next big event, our Bowling and Toy Drive @ Highway Bowl, now in its 7th year. (See the event page for all the details). The Toys all go to the Inn of the Good Shepherd’s Children’s Christmas Party and they truly depend on the Parrot Head donation to fill their 11-15 year old toy needs. The club also voted to give Lady Di funds to help the Inn cover any last minute shortfalls in any other age group. Next up for December 3, Lady Di and I’s Club Christmas Party, always a fun filled time featuring a traditional X-mas fare of Fajitas and Margaritas! Hope y’all can attend, BUT PLEASE RSVP, the Quartermaster and Bar Steward need to know how much food and grog to lay aboard!

Lastly don’t forget to get your nominations in those positions coming up for election for 2017 and be sure to come out and vote or e-mail in your ballot to our election officer Terri.

Fins Up.

Captain’s Log: October 2016

Its pouring rain and the leaves are dropping from the trees like jello shots at a Parrot Head party, but I don’t care! A week from tomorrow, Lady Di and I are on the big jet airline to Fort Lauderdale and ultimately Key West for the Meeting of the Minds! Turns out most of the members of the Detroit club who are attending are on the same flight! Sure hope their plane makes to Florida safely!!!

Well, Phlock to the Falls is now a wrap and I think everybody had a great time, even those who got wet touristing! Thank you’s have been sent out to sponsors and donators but I feel I should take some time here and thank a lot of the behind the scene members of the club, without who’s selfless donation of time, the event would never have been pulled off. VP Lee who was the brainchild behind the whole thing and was in constant touch with Margaritaville Restaurant, Brick Brewing (Landshark), the band (10 Beach Drive), attending Parrot Head Clubs and still found time to orchestrate the inebriation, officially called the Room Decorating/Hall Crawl. Lady Di (my partner in crime) and our Club Treasurer Lisa (and her 1st Mate Rob), for picking up all the little details, setting up and running the Margaritaville registration, ticket sale and getting their spouses drunkin asses back to the motel. (I’m never drinking with Ruggles again!) A big thank you also to our new member Ruggles, (not for the hangover), but who’s last minute donation insured no matter how things turned out, all the bills would be paid for! Thanks too to all the attending members of our sister ‘Mercan club, Bluewater Parrot Heads for selflessly jumping in to lend a hand where ever needed and keeping my drinking hand stocked! Lastly, not to forget, a thanks to Doc in IT (‘cuz yes I did, this is a rewrite, sorry Doc), for setting up the web page (for the Club, the Phlock, and without whom this aimless ramble wouldn’t get posted either), keeping it updated, and getting PayPal set up on it to make it easy to remit your registration monies. If I miss anybody else, thank you too.

Members of Niagara South say they want to host the event in 2017,   so the Northern Migration is (tentively) on again for next year!

Fins up!

Captain’s Log: Summer Wrap-up


This should be the August entry, but somehow, the month just completely escaped me. I’ve lost a day or two on Tropical vacations but a WHOLE month, that’s a first!

Breaking news – THE NORTHERN MIGRATION IS ON! Niagara Falls here we come!!!!!!!!! Lady Di and my dining room looks like a war zone with all the travel totes, draw baskets and goodie bags piled everywhere. We’ve just gotten a huge sponsorship from Enspec Environmental Services and Swagelok (Industrial Fittings). US Parrot Head clubs from Chicago, New York and Michigan have sent word their attending members are bringing donations. Niagara South is donating as well. Landshark/Brick Brewery had their “Shark Girls” personally drop off a whole load of Landshark beer gear at our address. Margaritaville Foods has sent donations for our goodie bags. Margaritaville Restaurant Niagara Falls has promised us “Parrot Head” food and beverage specials for the Saturday night. Even the stars are aligning – its gonna be a FULL moon on Saturday!!

Here at home, I got a few updates to pass on. First off a big THANK YOU to our VP Lee (pictured in the left chair) for taking on the Brewers Retail (aka The Beer Store) and forcing them to stock Landshark in the Corunna store, until then we had to travel 20 minutes to Sarnia to get any.

A big Happy Birthday to our Secretary Jill (Lee’s wife, pictured to my right in the picture, as if you hadn’t already figured out the handsome dude in the middle was me!) on her BIG birthday. A woman’s age is something you NEVER publicize! It was celebrated in the Pigeon Forge (Tennessee) Margaritaville, and again a big Thank You to Lee for making it possible for Lady Di and I to attend.

Fins Up and See Y’all in the Phalls!

Captain’s Log: July 2016

10 beach


Just arrived home from taking BAJA for an afternoon cruise, BAJA is my Baja yellow two door Jeep Wrangler. Had the top down, replaced by the bimini (covers just the driver and passenger), tops of both half doors removed. Hat backwards, sunglasses on, listenin’ and head bobbin’ to Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild. Hey, it wasn’t a TropRock day! Closest thing to island Jeepin’ you can get here in Canada.

Well, the deadline for Phlock to the Falls if fast approaching and we’re still a few short of the make or break number of registrants to make it a go. If your even thinking of coming PLEASE register, you can opt out later and consider the $20 registration fee a donation to a worthy cause!

We’ve had a minor (it was major when it happen) hiccup, our planned entertainment Bodean, has pulled out on us. Holy shades of Johnny Russler and Phlock to the Dock (our club’s now defunct TropRock Music Festival) BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE – do we, Mr. Talbot! (Still owe the man a PERSONAL apology for that rant about the MOTM’s choice of bands!). Took a little scrambling and an extra room in Niagara Falls but we now will be bringing local singing sensation TEN BEACH DRIVE (cue up the crowd going wild!). Myself and our local Parrot Heads have, (and will still have) a LOT of time and effort in trying to bring this event together to give Canada’s Phlock someplace to come together, mingle and Party with a Purpose. We’d love to be able to give a big donation to the chosen charity, myself, I’d love to just get Ontario’s (and our surrounding American) clubs together to meet, greet and party. The Landshark Launch Party at Margaritaville in April in Niagara Falls, was a fantastic opportunity to meet everybody. Short of travelling all the way to Key West for the Meeting of the Minds, we have nothing in Canada to bring us together! PLEASE REGISTER and come participate in the Northern Migration!

Lastly a big thank you to Terri and Vi for hosting June’s POETS, and hope to see y’all at Lee and Jill’s for July’s!


Captain’s Log: June 2016

“There comes a moment in every man’s life where he has to admit he was wrong.” Personally, I’ve never experienced that moment, but hey just sayin’, it could happen.

Sittin’ here sippin’ on a M&M (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Mango 5 Alive with a splash of Grenadine) in eighty degree weather, trying to figure out how the heck it snowed just three weeks ago. (Count to three – okay enough thought on that)

Our last meeting saw us hammering out the last detail for the Phlock to the Falls –The Northern Migration. Paypal will shortly be up and running on this website to facilitate payment to attend. At $20 per person, it’s a steal to attend and it’s all in Canadian dollars. I’ll be the first to admit I really didn’t think VP Lee and Ex-Pres Terry could pull this off, as they are half way across Ontario from the Niagara Falls. My doubts have been laid to rest, I just hope the rest of the Great Lakes Regional Parrot Head clubs will come out and join the party. I fully realize this is no Canadian MOTM, but anyone from Canada who has tried to organize any event of any size quickly comes to realize how prohibitively expensive it is to do anything in Canada. We tried to keep cost to a bare minimum to let you come to the Falls and customize your stay to your financial situation. We have a host hotel but it’s solely up to you if you wish to stay there, and if you can get it off the web at a better price – don’t hesitate to do it! Our $20 cost is strictly to cover the band and raise a few dollars for charity. Bodean is a great CANADIAN trop rock band, as any of the Parrot Heads who attend the Landshark Canada Launch party can attest to. I’ve even been told they are getting air time on Margaritaville radio! We almost filled Margaritaville with Parrot Heads for the launch party so let’s do it again on behalf of ourselves! Let’s rap up the summer of 2016 on September 16/17 with a real party and Phlock to the Falls! Register NOW.


Captain’s Log: May 2016

We’re outta limes and down to our last two bottles of Landshark –NOT!                                                                                                                    

We can now get it in Canada! WOOHOOOO

Mid April, myself, our Cruise Director and half a dozen or so of our motley crew, launched the skiff and journeyed to Niagara Falls to participate in the Brick Brewery’s (Kitchener) launch of Landshark beer in Ontario. The party was hosted by Canada’s only Margaritaville Restaurant, and a roaring good time was had by all. Parrot Heads from all across Ontario phlocked to the Launch, and filled the venue. We even met the Ottawa club, which until then was only thought to be an Urban Myth! We met the band members of Bodean, who provided us all with free samples of their CD. They are hoping to participate in the TropRock awards at the MOTM in Key West, so we gave them a standing invite to hoist a few together at our condo. A huge thank you to both the Brick Brewery and Margaritaville, for all their hard work to make the Launch such a success. For those of you who were unable to attend, the Club opened the Backyard POETS season, (first weekend of May), with a RE-launch Party at our garage. Complete with 20 foot banner (Margaritaville will never miss it!) and lots of Landshark swag –provided by Margaritaville to the club the day after. Yes we got this stuff legally! Your Captain broke open the liquor locker and provided all comers with free Landshark beer samples along with BBQ ribs an’ Chicken. Thanks to our Treasurer Lisa, her 1st Mate Rob, daughter Megan for all their help and especially to their son Mathew who did a fantastic job cookin’ up the ribs. Kid’s got a future in the Galley if he ever wants to join the crew.

As we move forward in the season, bigger and more elaborate POETS seem to be on the horizon, Pat/John are rumoured to even have booked a band! So come on out, it’s pot luck so bring a dish and help us support the chosen charity, BUT  most of all bring a friend and help us grow our membership!