Captain’s Log: The Mexican Expedition

  Well Lady Di and I are fresh off the big jet airliner from Hautulco, Mexico and the bar is fully stocked with Tequila, (as well as a little Mexican Bacardi’s Rum – a 40ozer was $8 Cdn in the grocery store, a deal to good to pass up). The weather was awesome, not even a hint of rain as it is the dry season in this area. We hooked up with our friend who winters down there as well as friends from Lady Di’s office, who had told us all about the resort and who then grabbed a last minute selloff to surprised us as we went into our second week. While we were staying at an all inclusive, Lady Di and I are not ones to remain cooped up on the reservation. We took a “you drive it yourself” safari in early ‘70’s VW Things to a deserted beach so far off the “beaten” path even the goats were getting lost trying to find the place! On the way home we stopped and did an archaeological dig at an ancient Mayan village. Actually, all we did was stop on the side of a hill and rooted through the wash down for pottery shards, of which we found all kinds! We day tripped into the mountains to attend the weekly native market – anybody for dried fish on a stick? I thought I had died and gone to heaven when I found the spice vendors, every conceivable spice fresh (or dried), buy as much as you need. My cooking’s flavor would go through the atmosphere, unfortunately so would the heat! This was followed by  beach bar snorkeling at another bay. Think Jacques Cousteau diving from the tiki hut not the boat! The reef was only six feet from the shore. You barely had room to get your flippers on before you were over the coral and swarmed by schools of fish – absolutely awesome!!!!

Well enough about our holiday, time to pass on the news. Phlock to the Falls – The Northern Migration is on for September 16. The Niagara Parrot Heads have an all star line up of Thom Shepherd (and Coley), Donny Brewer, Bodean and “Music of Now and Then”. Registration opens Feb 27, check things out at Back on home front, our P.O.E.T.S. are in full swing, with the crew enjoying  great BBQ @ Bain’s BBQ just last week. Check our web page for our next stop for next month. NOTE: Word on street is the old Montana’s in Sarnia is suppose to be reopening as a Smoke and Spice Southern BBQ joint – definite must do and possible stop for next winter’s bar tour! While I missed our club’s last meeting, apparently the crew discussed the possibility of bringing back our riverboat cruise for 2017. Keep an eye on this website (and Facebook) for details – IF and when this event comes to fruition, so you don’t miss out. Speaking of the web page, our IT guru Doc Phlockerson has out done himself by now linking all our favourite Trop Rock radio stations AND Margarittaville TV to the page. You can now click the link and listen!

In conclusion:

I’ve put a lot of time, effort and thought into it and… I just don’t think this being an Adult thing is gonna work for me!          

Your Prez

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