Captain’s Log: The Frozen Edition

Let me start off by sending my condolences to (Bluewater PHC members and good friends) Bill and Steve P. on the passing of their mother just days ago. My shoulder’s there for ya brothers!

Well the sun finally came out today, which only means instead of using the snow shovel on the driveway, it’s now on eaves trough duty – whacking down icicles to get the weight off!

I WANT TO GO BACK TO MEXICO, and Happy Hour Margaritas at the Cantina Habanero on the streets of Puerto Morales!

I think it has snowed nonstop since Lady Di and I arrived back in Canada. This was the first time to the Caribbean side of Mexico for Lady Di and me, as we have always done the Pacific coast. We enjoyed two sunny weeks, losing only a day and a half to rain in that time. That Karma thing happened again too! I’m sitting on our 3rd floor balcony, just above the jungle tree tops (nope we didn’t get an Oceanview), and it is freakin’ monsoonin’ so hard you can barely see 15 feet and guess what I’m reading? A Chopper pilot’s biography ‘bout his tour and flyin during the rainy season in Nam! Freaky! The highlight of the trip had to have been the ferry ride to Cozumel and the jeep safari around the island. The strait between the island and the mainland was REALLY upset that day when we crossed. 15 to 20 foot waves on a 25 foot frequency – I’ve seen some rough water (our catamaran trip to Little Curacao) but this was mind blowing or should I say stomach blowing! Half the passengers were blowin’ chunks faster than the stewards could hand out barf bags, even Lady Di disembarked a lovely shade of lime (but she never lost it)! Me, being a sailboater, I thought it was an awesome ride, BUT nothing I’d ever do on anything smaller than a 50 foot ferry!!!!

Well back to reality here in the Great White North, the Club has now named our May event as the “Here Comes Summer Charity Music Event” and at the last meeting dedicated the funds raised to “The Hub” youth center. I personally never knew of its existence, let alone its address or mission. I have come to read a great deal about it and the wonderful work it is performing. The very fact it has succeeded in getting the various social aid agencies to all work together in one place just boggles my mind! Something we (I) feel should not be allowed to flounder because of lack of funding. Our IT guru Doc has gotten us together a poster and been posting it on all our social media. VP Lee has our tickets all printed up and its time to start pounding the pavement making sales. Once again here comes the pitch, if you know anybody or any business that’s willing to donate a door prize please ask, so we can put together raffle baskets to raise even more funds!

Well that’s it for another report (as well as another rum’n’pepsi), it’s Monday, Jim Morris is singing about a three day weekend looking for a place to happen, I’m wearing sunglasses and have only got 78 days til retirement!

Your prez – Denny

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