Captain’s Log: Summer Wrap-up


This should be the August entry, but somehow, the month just completely escaped me. I’ve lost a day or two on Tropical vacations but a WHOLE month, that’s a first!

Breaking news – THE NORTHERN MIGRATION IS ON! Niagara Falls here we come!!!!!!!!! Lady Di and my dining room looks like a war zone with all the travel totes, draw baskets and goodie bags piled everywhere. We’ve just gotten a huge sponsorship from Enspec Environmental Services and Swagelok (Industrial Fittings). US Parrot Head clubs from Chicago, New York and Michigan have sent word their attending members are bringing donations. Niagara South is donating as well. Landshark/Brick Brewery had their “Shark Girls” personally drop off a whole load of Landshark beer gear at our address. Margaritaville Foods has sent donations for our goodie bags. Margaritaville Restaurant Niagara Falls has promised us “Parrot Head” food and beverage specials for the Saturday night. Even the stars are aligning – its gonna be a FULL moon on Saturday!!

Here at home, I got a few updates to pass on. First off a big THANK YOU to our VP Lee (pictured in the left chair) for taking on the Brewers Retail (aka The Beer Store) and forcing them to stock Landshark in the Corunna store, until then we had to travel 20 minutes to Sarnia to get any.

A big Happy Birthday to our Secretary Jill (Lee’s wife, pictured to my right in the picture, as if you hadn’t already figured out the handsome dude in the middle was me!) on her BIG birthday. A woman’s age is something you NEVER publicize! It was celebrated in the Pigeon Forge (Tennessee) Margaritaville, and again a big Thank You to Lee for making it possible for Lady Di and I to attend.

Fins Up and See Y’all in the Phalls!

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