Captain’s Log: Summer 2017 Edition

Well, Summer is just flying by, here we are almost half way into August!

Biggest news is the club’s hugely successful Margaritaville Sunset (Riverboat) Cruise. We were sold out over two weeks in advance! Mother Nature turned chilly on us but we were rain free. The Stevie D Trio took the time to learn an almost entire set of Buffett just for us, and what wasn’t Buffett, was great oldies and awesome Blues. We even dragged up singing sensation Ken from 10 Beach Drive for a tune! Great job guys! A great job to all our Club members who stepped up and helped out, I can’t remember an event that ever went so smooth. I didn’t have to make a single (Presidential) executive decision beyond Coors Light or Blue Light! Big Kudos go out to Cruise Director Lady Di and Treasurer Madam Lisa for the organization – keeping track of tickets (and the monies for them) was a monumental job, as the demand for tickets had everyone scrambling to find who had any left to swap to those who’s whole allotment were gone and need still more. All our ads went to press just as we sold out and my phone was ringing non-stop with people I had to disappoint because we had no tickets left to sell.

Thanks to Terri and Vi for hosting the pre-party, Deckgating or Taildecking, I don’t think we manage to decide which label we were gonna use, but awesome Margaritas Terri. Thanks also to our sister ‘Mercan club, Bluewater for their great turnout. We had to scramble to get them more tickets too!

I’m pretty sure we’ll be back again next year, and our Charities thank everyone who participated to raise money for them. Don’t forget Bluewater’s Summer’s End party coming up and our continuing Backyard

P.O.E.T.S. Captain signing off.

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