Captain’s Log: Spring Fever

The first day of Spring came and went and the temperature barely got above freezing. It’s almost April, the snow in the shadows just won’t go away and the Cartel must have got a hold of the world’s lime supply ‘cuz freakin’ supermarket limes are up to 50 cents apiece! It’s bad enough I’m clean out of Margarita mix, but do you have any idea what a Rum and cola without a twist of lime is? Alcohol Abuse! Sheesh, I think I’m showing the first symptoms of Scurvy!!! Okay now that I got that off my chest, down to business.

First off, we’re on day light savings time and you know what that means? Yep, Club membership fees are due and if they’re not in by this month’s meeting, the Captain gonna be very unhappy and no crew wants an unhappy Captain. Now DO we? (Hey I’m a laugh a minute kinda a guy usually, aren’t I? You folks are always laughing with me. YOU ARE laughing WITH ME aren’t you?)

Next up, our Here Comes Summer Charity Music Event tickets appear to be selling well. Lady Di and I are out of our allotment. So if you’ve got money please get it into Treasurer Lisa and we are still on the lookout for door prize and raffle items.

It appears our hygiene products drive for the Hub, Women’s Shelter and Inn is coming along nicely with Starbucks, Bottoms Up Bar and Lady Di’s dental office all onboard as drop off locations. Lady Di’s boss alone donated an entire case of toothbrushes!

We’re once again using drink coozies as the boarding ticket for our Margaritaville Sunset Riverboat Cruise and (Bluewater PHC member) Candi, gave us a heads up her/our stateside printing company had a special on printed coozies. I got the design revamped and over to her and with our Canadian dollar trading under 30 cents it works out to a considerable savings, Thanks Candi. Save the date of July 21 so we can go cruisin’. Posters and tickets are coming soon.

So does anybody know how many times you can dunk a slice of lime on a string into a Rum and Cola before your chewing gum loses its flavor?

Da Prez, Denny

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