Captain’s Log: Spring 2017 Edition

Goin’ to Go Coastal!

Having a major melt down here in Bluewaterland, trapped inside ‘cuz it’s pouring Spring rain outside. I just hit the Man Cave Bar to grab a Margarita and there is SERIOUS trouble in Paradise! Just used the last shot of my (Mexican vacation) el Jimador Tequila, then had to put major squeeze on the milk jug of homemade Margarita mix to get enough to fill the rest of the glass and limes are now selling for $0.47 EACH!


Well enough about my trauma’s, as everybody knows Jimmy’s coming to Detroit (USA) this summer and by the time your reading this, you’ve missed your chance to get tickets @ Parrot Head discount prices – or should I say at the Avian price “Sky High!”

Locally, first up a reminder to PH’s on the St.Clair, March 31st, was the dead line for paying club dues, if you didn’t, you’re no longer a member in good standing. Be advised, a cash donation to the Club Treasurer ($20 for a single or $30 for a Family) and buying the President a Margarita, you will get amnesty from prosecution (keelhaul’n!) and reinstatement. I’m such a softie (or is that Alcoholic?).

Next up, as I announced in my last log, as a Club we were looking into bringing back our river cruise, well, WE ARE! A date has been secured with the Duc’d’Oleans riverboat – August 4th, the Friday of the Canadian Civic Long Weekend. VP Lee has lined us up a band we can afford. While not necessarily a Trop Rock band, they are good and well known locally with a good following to help sellout the boat. We are going to be on the hook for a serious amount of cash here folks, so we all need to get on board (I really didn’t just say that did I?), and sell tickets. We are planning onboard raffles and draws to help raise some extra cash, which apparently we do not need to go through all the hassles (and cost) of licensing as it covered by the boat, but we will need volunteers to sell tickets. So mark the date on your calendars! Due to my work shift schedule, I missed the last couple of meeting, at which, it was decided instead of selling tickets, the Club would sell Club logo’ed drink coozies AND this would be your boarding ticket! Didn’t see that one coming but gonna admit it’s a novel idea!

April will be our last Bar POETS before we switch over to our Backyarders format, with Lady Di and myself co-hosting the season opener in May with Club Treasurer Lisa and her 1st Mate (who in this day in age is STILL on their 1st  marriage) and Club MAL Rob. We are heading out to Skeeter Barlo’s in Bright’s Grove and members Pat and John (Grove-ites) have invited us all back to the “Casa” for beverages. Just a heads up, beware of John’s Pirate Punch, it packs just that a PUNCH!!!

Lastly, another plug for the Northern Migration – Phlock to the Falls, in Niagara Falls, Sept 17/2017. Go online, register and Migrate to the Party! It’s the closest thing we have to a Canadian MOTM, and it’s at Canada’s only Margarittaville, don’t let it die!!!

Til my next log, Thank God for Morgan and Mango. Scurvy’s not gonna get me!

El Prezidente

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