Captain’s Log: October 2016

Its pouring rain and the leaves are dropping from the trees like jello shots at a Parrot Head party, but I don’t care! A week from tomorrow, Lady Di and I are on the big jet airline to Fort Lauderdale and ultimately Key West for the Meeting of the Minds! Turns out most of the members of the Detroit club who are attending are on the same flight! Sure hope their plane makes to Florida safely!!!

Well, Phlock to the Falls is now a wrap and I think everybody had a great time, even those who got wet touristing! Thank you’s have been sent out to sponsors and donators but I feel I should take some time here and thank a lot of the behind the scene members of the club, without who’s selfless donation of time, the event would never have been pulled off. VP Lee who was the brainchild behind the whole thing and was in constant touch with Margaritaville Restaurant, Brick Brewing (Landshark), the band (10 Beach Drive), attending Parrot Head Clubs and still found time to orchestrate the inebriation, officially called the Room Decorating/Hall Crawl. Lady Di (my partner in crime) and our Club Treasurer Lisa (and her 1st Mate Rob), for picking up all the little details, setting up and running the Margaritaville registration, ticket sale and getting their spouses drunkin asses back to the motel. (I’m never drinking with Ruggles again!) A big thank you also to our new member Ruggles, (not for the hangover), but who’s last minute donation insured no matter how things turned out, all the bills would be paid for! Thanks too to all the attending members of our sister ‘Mercan club, Bluewater Parrot Heads for selflessly jumping in to lend a hand where ever needed and keeping my drinking hand stocked! Lastly, not to forget, a thanks to Doc in IT (‘cuz yes I did, this is a rewrite, sorry Doc), for setting up the web page (for the Club, the Phlock, and without whom this aimless ramble wouldn’t get posted either), keeping it updated, and getting PayPal set up on it to make it easy to remit your registration monies. If I miss anybody else, thank you too.

Members of Niagara South say they want to host the event in 2017,   so the Northern Migration is (tentively) on again for next year!

Fins up!

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