Captain’s Log: Meeting of the Minds 2017

Well Key West survived the Hurricane and Lady Di and I survived Key West! Another MOTM has come and gone, with old friendships renewed, and new friends acquired. Our long time favourite Trop-Rock musicians were heard again and new talent was auditioned.

The three Denni

If you followed my Facebook postings, you saw Key West escaped (to our eyes) almost untouched by the Hurricane, but the Middle Keys paid a heavy toll. Uncertainty over the state of Key West resulted in a large number of people cancelling their trip plans and the numbers at the MOTM were visibly way down. That said, all our friends from the Min-a-Snow-da Club (their term not mine), were in attendance, with the three Denni (Dennises?) once again hooking up at the Streetfest (see top photo). Breezy (the middle Denni) logged in 32 hours of straight driving to make the MOTM!

We picked up Stumpy and Kris (photo below) once again from the KW airport and he and I swapped cel calls. The first time I ever met Stumpy was in Schooner Wharf Bar @ the Mid-West Region Island Party, (we crashed it if you really have to ask). We joined him and Kris at one of the few open tables. After introductions, he opens his ever present “man bag” and asks if I would be interested in a Cell Phone flask. This thing was so realistic looking he claimed it would pass airline security (and he was right!). “Hell ya”, I said and it has lead to a beautiful rum inspired friendship. So every year since Lady Di and I have stocked the cooler and picked them up from the airport, with the first thing after the “Hey Brother” hug being the “Hey Bro the calls for you” flask drink! He out did himself with some of the smoothest rum I’ve ever tasted. I provided him Labrador Iceberg Rum – made from real iceberg water!

Firsts this year were  A) missing the Homestead turnoff on the Florida Turnpike which resulted in us ending up backtracking through the Miami suburbs of Hialeah and Opa Locka. Which turned out to be totally freaky, ‘cuz I once again, picked up the newest release from my favorite writer Tim Dorsey, only to read his main characters goes through the same suburbs taking almost the exact same route we did!

B) I finally made it into Don’s Million Dollar Bar (Don must have spent that money somewhere else cuz the place is a local’s dive!) after 7 years of everybody telling me I have got to go for a drink there (and walking by it almost daily on my morning jaunts), as it was a KW must do. Oh and Danno (you know Danno from previous Captain’s logs) there’s no damn dog on a stool, but I’m guessing you knew that from the start just to make sure I REALLY did go to Don’s! Better yet, I met BOOMER the Bartender, who a character is based on in one of Dorsey’s earlier novels! (Left photo above)

C) met a couple of the REAL Calgary Parrot Head Club members as well as a half dozen Sarasota PHC impersonating them! Calgary lays claim to being the oldest Parrot Head club in Canada. The Sarasota PHC claims they were given the shirts by some of that club’s members because they were unable to attend but wanted their shirts photo’ed in Old Key West. It was their story and they were “sticking to it!” (Right photo)

And now back to the good old Great White North, which by the way chose to re-introduce Lady Di and myself to it by snowing two days after our return! It’s election time again and if you are interested in any executive position open for 2018,( President, treasurer and one MAL are up for re-election), let Mark know so we can put you on the napkin – sorry ballot!

November 18 is our annual Bowling for Kids (see the event page for details) to collect new unwrapped toys for the Inn of the Good Shepherd’s Kids Christmas party. If you’re coming please RSVP Lady Di so she has enough lanes reserved for everybody to play.

December 9 is the Club’s Christmas Party at Lady Di and I’s residence. Traditional Christmas fare – Fajitas and Margaritas! Ole!! RSVP ONLY! We need to know how many are attending so we lay in enough vittles and libations!

Please note, at the Club’s upcoming November 27 meeting, we will chose the locations and dates of the winter POETS schedule so check back to this website early December and our webmaster guru, Doc, should have it uploaded.

In conclusion, I’d like to once again thank Terri B for again setting up and guiding (herding?) our annual Window Lickers Pub Crawl. A good time was once again had by all with a really great turnout of Lickers!

Landsharks to the Left, Landsharks to the Right, Here I am, stuck in the middle with Rum and you!

The Prez

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