Captain’s Log: May 2016

We’re outta limes and down to our last two bottles of Landshark –NOT!                                                                                                                    

We can now get it in Canada! WOOHOOOO

Mid April, myself, our Cruise Director and half a dozen or so of our motley crew, launched the skiff and journeyed to Niagara Falls to participate in the Brick Brewery’s (Kitchener) launch of Landshark beer in Ontario. The party was hosted by Canada’s only Margaritaville Restaurant, and a roaring good time was had by all. Parrot Heads from all across Ontario phlocked to the Launch, and filled the venue. We even met the Ottawa club, which until then was only thought to be an Urban Myth! We met the band members of Bodean, who provided us all with free samples of their CD. They are hoping to participate in the TropRock awards at the MOTM in Key West, so we gave them a standing invite to hoist a few together at our condo. A huge thank you to both the Brick Brewery and Margaritaville, for all their hard work to make the Launch such a success. For those of you who were unable to attend, the Club opened the Backyard POETS season, (first weekend of May), with a RE-launch Party at our garage. Complete with 20 foot banner (Margaritaville will never miss it!) and lots of Landshark swag –provided by Margaritaville to the club the day after. Yes we got this stuff legally! Your Captain broke open the liquor locker and provided all comers with free Landshark beer samples along with BBQ ribs an’ Chicken. Thanks to our Treasurer Lisa, her 1st Mate Rob, daughter Megan for all their help and especially to their son Mathew who did a fantastic job cookin’ up the ribs. Kid’s got a future in the Galley if he ever wants to join the crew.

As we move forward in the season, bigger and more elaborate POETS seem to be on the horizon, Pat/John are rumoured to even have booked a band! So come on out, it’s pot luck so bring a dish and help us support the chosen charity, BUT  most of all bring a friend and help us grow our membership!

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