Captain’s Log: June 2016

“There comes a moment in every man’s life where he has to admit he was wrong.” Personally, I’ve never experienced that moment, but hey just sayin’, it could happen.

Sittin’ here sippin’ on a M&M (Captain Morgan Spiced Rum and Mango 5 Alive with a splash of Grenadine) in eighty degree weather, trying to figure out how the heck it snowed just three weeks ago. (Count to three – okay enough thought on that)

Our last meeting saw us hammering out the last detail for the Phlock to the Falls –The Northern Migration. Paypal will shortly be up and running on this website to facilitate payment to attend. At $20 per person, it’s a steal to attend and it’s all in Canadian dollars. I’ll be the first to admit I really didn’t think VP Lee and Ex-Pres Terry could pull this off, as they are half way across Ontario from the Niagara Falls. My doubts have been laid to rest, I just hope the rest of the Great Lakes Regional Parrot Head clubs will come out and join the party. I fully realize this is no Canadian MOTM, but anyone from Canada who has tried to organize any event of any size quickly comes to realize how prohibitively expensive it is to do anything in Canada. We tried to keep cost to a bare minimum to let you come to the Falls and customize your stay to your financial situation. We have a host hotel but it’s solely up to you if you wish to stay there, and if you can get it off the web at a better price – don’t hesitate to do it! Our $20 cost is strictly to cover the band and raise a few dollars for charity. Bodean is a great CANADIAN trop rock band, as any of the Parrot Heads who attend the Landshark Canada Launch party can attest to. I’ve even been told they are getting air time on Margaritaville radio! We almost filled Margaritaville with Parrot Heads for the launch party so let’s do it again on behalf of ourselves! Let’s rap up the summer of 2016 on September 16/17 with a real party and Phlock to the Falls! Register NOW.


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