Captain’s Log: July 2016

10 beach


Just arrived home from taking BAJA for an afternoon cruise, BAJA is my Baja yellow two door Jeep Wrangler. Had the top down, replaced by the bimini (covers just the driver and passenger), tops of both half doors removed. Hat backwards, sunglasses on, listenin’ and head bobbin’ to Steppenwolf’s Born to be Wild. Hey, it wasn’t a TropRock day! Closest thing to island Jeepin’ you can get here in Canada.

Well, the deadline for Phlock to the Falls if fast approaching and we’re still a few short of the make or break number of registrants to make it a go. If your even thinking of coming PLEASE register, you can opt out later and consider the $20 registration fee a donation to a worthy cause!

We’ve had a minor (it was major when it happen) hiccup, our planned entertainment Bodean, has pulled out on us. Holy shades of Johnny Russler and Phlock to the Dock (our club’s now defunct TropRock Music Festival) BUT WE DO NOT WANT TO GO THERE – do we, Mr. Talbot! (Still owe the man a PERSONAL apology for that rant about the MOTM’s choice of bands!). Took a little scrambling and an extra room in Niagara Falls but we now will be bringing local singing sensation TEN BEACH DRIVE (cue up the crowd going wild!). Myself and our local Parrot Heads have, (and will still have) a LOT of time and effort in trying to bring this event together to give Canada’s Phlock someplace to come together, mingle and Party with a Purpose. We’d love to be able to give a big donation to the chosen charity, myself, I’d love to just get Ontario’s (and our surrounding American) clubs together to meet, greet and party. The Landshark Launch Party at Margaritaville in April in Niagara Falls, was a fantastic opportunity to meet everybody. Short of travelling all the way to Key West for the Meeting of the Minds, we have nothing in Canada to bring us together! PLEASE REGISTER and come participate in the Northern Migration!

Lastly a big thank you to Terri and Vi for hosting June’s POETS, and hope to see y’all at Lee and Jill’s for July’s!


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