Captain’s Log: January 2017 Edition

Happy New Year y’all, and welcome to 2017. Hope you found a place to party Dec 31, Lady Di and I just snuck over to the neighbours’ (we all belong to the local jeep club), but it was an early night as my first day back to work from holidays was, yep you guessed it, Jan 1 and haulin’ one’s butt outta bed @ 4:30 (yes am!), is a mission on a good day (or should that be night!).

For those of us following Facebook, the top gossip is the start of the Canadian Rebellion! Hamilton’s A1-Eh Parrot Head Club has decided due to the lack of any PHIP support to Canadian clubs, to withdrawn their membership and reform as the A1-EH Trop Rockers (club/association/MC?). I have to confess, I have to agree with their reasoning. Here in the Great White North, I’ve accepted we would be isolated/cut off from most any support of the American affiliation. To our sister (or is that brother) club, Bluewater’s credit, (first off for submitting a petition to PHIP to allow us to form in the first place – inside the 50 mile no fly zone – oohh that was such a Parrot Head analogy!), they have stepped up to the plate and done their best to ensure (by having “American” Parrot Head items ship to them instead of try to cross border the stuff) our equal treatment. Our border position is not a situation the A1-Eh club can utilize. Fact is, other than perhaps Niagara South (and Buffalo) we are in a unique situation. I don’t fore see our club joining the rebellion, (but stuff happens and we DO have a rebel element), as we have, as I said earlier, fully accepted our isolation or maybe I should rephrase that and say “independence” of PHIP. One of A1-Eh’s known complaints was the cost of $75 USD to register their Club. With the devaluation of the Canadian dollar, this is now over $100 and you get what for it –NADA! Once again, our border position and the number of joint memberships between Bluewater Parrot Heads and our club, has us willing to accept USD @ par for US memberships in our Club. Mighty white of us, if I say so myself! These US funds then off set most of our cost of registering with PHIP. I can only speak for myself (and I’m sure the rest of the club will pass the resolution, when I bring it up @ January’s meeting) we will continue to support any and all efforts of the A1-EH Trop Rockers – be they Parrot Heads or not!

In conclusion, I just like to say Lady Di (presently sick with a cold) and I are crossin’ days off the calendar til we head for Mexico’s Pacific coast for the last 2 weeks of this month. I will dedicated the first (2nd, 3rd and as many as I can take for the team) shot of Tequila to y’all sufferin’ back here in the Great White North.

Viva la Revolution!

Your Prez

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