Captain’s Log: I’m Back!

Well it’s been a while since I’ve been able to post any words of wisdom on our web site. With the loss of our webmaster Doc, our club’s page had gone dormant, as we had no one who could fill the huge shoes left vacant by him. The fact that you’re reading this means our VP Lee (aided by his computer savvy son) has cracked the site’s programming software. Way to go Lee! I will continue to post to our Facebook account as I have been as well as here.

So where do I start, I guess somewhere where there’s high ground! Our weather of late has been one rainstorm after another, including one on our club’s meeting last night. Just as soon as one puddle dries up, along comes another monsoon to replenish it. The few hints of warm weather have barely lasted long enough to get the cooler loaded, iced and your lawn chair positioned before the next cold front blows in. Well enough moaning about the Mother Nature. How about those Toronto Maple Leafs (or it spelt Laughs)! I always root for a Canadian team to take the cup but with them being the last Canadian one in, it was going to be very embarrassing! They never made it pass the first round like all the rest of the Canadian contenders, awkward situation avoided.

Big story to date is the return of our Here Comes Summer Charity Music Event NEXT weekend May 11. Ticket sales this year have been really sluggish and we all need to give it one last big push if we’re going to be able to cover costs and provide any donations to the chosen charities. Items for raffles are direly needed as well. So come on folks, put your slickers and rubber boots on and hit the pavement puddles and sell them tickets.

The club has again charted the Duc d’Orleans river boat for our Margaritaville Sunset Cruise on July 20. Tickets for it will go on sale right after we wrap up Here Comes Summer. We’ve had two sold out years in a row so get your order for tickets in early to ensure you don’t miss out! Raffle items for this event are needed as well.

Last item to mark on your calendars, is the switch over of P.O.E.T.S. from the bar and grill scene to the backyards. The first event will be held on Saturday May 18th, of our Canadian 24 holiday weekend. Jointly held at and hosted by Lady Di, myself, our Treasurer Lisa and her 1st Mate Rob. Our chosen charity is the Humane Society so be sure to check out their website for a list of items they need, for donation ideas.

Lastly, two “Just sayin’” items. Danno and Al are once again bringing Key West Singer Song Writer Scott Kirby to One Summer Night in the Point, unfortunately it is the same night as Mark and Kerri’s POETS/Retirement Party (for Mark) at which they have booked a return of Pup Morse (the Scuba Cowboy) and Stephanie. This duo played our first Here Comes Summer event last year. Gonna be a real mission to catch both.

Next item is beer gear related. Brick Brewery’s summer promotion for Landshark is again free t-shirts in their 24 bottle cases. Checked out the designs at the Beer Store yesterday, they’ve got some really sweet ones! Did everybody get a full set of cold weather wear from their winter promo?

In conclusion, just let me say “Friends don’t let friends do stupid things……. ALONE!”

Your Prez,


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