Captain’s Log: Hot August Night Edition

My sailing buddy piped up yesterday with the comment he never goes to see a doctor ‘cuz he might find out something’s wrong with him. Guess that’s why I never go see a psychologist!

July’s long hot dry days have turned into soggy wet August ones and summer is slipping quickly away. The club’s Margaritaville Sunset Cruise is once again history. Mother Nature chose to make the boarding a little “moist” but after that it was dry sailing. Only 9 people (outta the 180 tickets we sold) missed the boat. Once again a big thank you to all the club members and Charity volunteers who helped make it the success it was. Our 50/50 and Basket Raffles monies were up (slightly) to add more cash to the kitty. At last night’s club meeting, Treasurer Lisa let the membership know we would be able to donate $480 dollars to each of our charities. The club voted to toss in enough extra funds to round them all up to $500. Our Webmaster/PR Guru, Doc Phlockerson is at this moment working out the presentations details. A special note of kudo’s goes out to our member Jim, who won the 50/50 on board (and after adding some personal funds), donated $500 to (his charity of choice) St. Joseph’s Hospice.

Last Friday saw the One Summer Night in the Point performance of Key West singer/songwriter Scott Kirby. Scott put on a fantastic performance and a good time was had by all. Parrot Heads were in abundance with a gaggle of the London PHC once again making the flight to Sarnia to catch the performance. Danno announced he and Al had decided the proceeds of the show would be donated to The HUB same as the ones from our club’s Here Comes Summer event were! Way to go guys. Oh and Danno, I still think there is something wrong with a “Guess the Photo” contest where if I get it right I have to buy YOU a scotch and soda!

Well there appears to be a break in the rain clouds, the perfect time to make a dash to the garage fridge to restock the Sharks in man cave one. For those of you who aren’t aware yet, Brick Brewing has changed their labeling of Landshark beer to a paper stick on ones – from the printed on glass label. Might want to set aside one of the old ones for posterity, needn’t be a full one though, just sayin’!

“In this big bad world full of imitation furs, you can’t be afraid to take a chance. When you’re walking on thin ice – you might as well dance!” – Scott Kirby

Fins Up,

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