Captain’s Log: Fall 2017 Edition

Well summer is but a bygone memory, but despite a few cold nights, September was extremely warm. Our area hit (with humidity) nearly a week of 95F plus days. Now into October, we’re just starting to see the first of the leaves turning. A stark departure from the weather Lady Di and I experienced on our trip to Canada’s Big Land – the Province of Labrador (and the island of Newfoundland which we didn’t visit) the last week of Aug/1st week of September. It snowed Labour Day weekend in Labrador City, thankfully we were 1000km away on the coast, but our northernmost stop on the “tramp steamer” the Northern Ranger, saw us leaving the harbor in freezing rain three days later! It was a driving road trip which you could best describe as going to Alaska but without the hype or the amenities! My poor jeep BAJA took serious “$hit kickin’” but while many others we met on the road, were driving far less capable vehicles, I would not have even attempted this trip in any other vehicle than a Jeep! She took a beating and still brought us home from 30km east of Quebec City to Courtright in 12 ½ hour the last day! Labrador is a land of many contrasts. One night (ship board) we pulled out of a remote Inuvik community the ship serviced, to watch the sun set over one side of the inlet’s mountains and the full moon rise over the other side’s mountains. While we passed by icebergs (and whales) at sea, the inclement weather (it rained 3 of the 5 days we were on the cruise – but you’ll NEVER EVER tell Lady Di this was a real CRUISE – it was the first I ever took her on and I might have fudge a few details!) we never had a chance to see the Northern Lights, which could have be seen. Been there, got the T-shirt, will likely never EVER go back, but (except for all the paint chips on BAJA) don’t regret finding a part of Canada most people will never ever see!

On that note, onto Parrot Head stuff. Our VPee Lee reported back that the Phlock to the Falls was a huge success with some 250 attendees and great time was had by all. Secretary Jilly still says those canned Margaritaville Margaritas get sweet after 3 or 4, so said she on her 9th or 10th! Lee re-acquainted himself with Thom Shepherd and Collie who where setup right behind their table and scored a bunch of Landshark swag for the club. Unfortunately, Lee says the Niagara Parrot Head Club is majorly pissed at Margaritaville Restaurant for failing to meet their promised commitments and will likely not use the venue again. Phock to the Falls 2018?

Back home, the big news is the Club has switched our meeting venue from downtown Sarnia (at UpsNDowns) to Bottoms Up Bar and Grill in Point Edward. Closer for our ‘Mercan members, as it is the first exit off the bridge. While we don’t have a “private” room, we have a secluded section just off the stage. The owner (who also happens to a member of the Stevie D trio who played the boat cruise) is fully committed to having us at his bar. At the meeting, he had the bar’s music system set up to play entirely Buffet tunes throughout the meeting and not only had the bar bring in Landshark beer but did a Parrot Head Landshark Bucket special – which we took shameless advantage of! He even has an Internet Radio station which he is willing to give us a Parrot Head hour! I think I can see a beautiful relationship here that might actually allow us to grow the club, and speaking of growing, we signed up a new member that meeting! Long time Virtual Parrot Head member Jim, who’ve we’ve known for years and met up at MOTM many times, has come out of the computer into the real world and signed up with the Club. Welcome Aboard Jim!

Speaking of MOTM, despite the hurricane, it is still a go! Our condo rental in Key West survived, unfortunately one of the places we were booked into for the way down to did not! We luckily did find alternate accommodations though, at a place we have previously stayed. Not some place we’d recommend, but in a pinch (or in our case, a squeeze) is do able. MOTM or Bust, here we come!

In conclusion, I just want to remind all the members of the upcoming Window Lickers Pub Crawl (it’s a long story I’ll tell y’all someday) this weekend, and our Bowling for Kids in November.

Fins up – Yer Capt’n

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