Captain’s Log: Early Summer Edition

Well it’s Sunday morning on day 41 of retired life. A1A Radio is wafting from the PC’s speakers and it’s finally starting to set in that I can’t go to work to hide from the world, get some rest and sober up! Last night’s damage assessment of my bar (see photo) is yet another indication that (to quote the late Jim Morris) I’m living in a land of no Mondays!

The warm weather was briefly with us, so before the cool off hit us I used the time to set up the patio (see photo) for partying. Speaking of partying, I want to thank all the gang who came out to celebrate my surprise retirement party. You guys/gals are the best and thanks for all the neat gifts – mostly the lifetime supply of booze. Sobriety will not be a threat anytime soon!

Next up, I want to send out a huge thank you to all the club members and folks who came out or helped out. to make the Here Comes Summer Charity Music Event the great success it was. Special thanks to Lady Di at the raffle table, Lisa and 1st Mate Rob on the 50/50, Webmaster Doc and Sue for scoring up so many donations. To VP Lee, (and Brick Brewing) who not only scored us enough Landshark swag to cover this event but the Sunset Cruise as well, but went over the top and landed an appearance of the Landshark Girls and free beverage samples!! To the Parrot Head Clubs of Bluewater, London and Niagara South for bringing out their members and basket donations. It goes without saying, a thank you to Stevie D and his staff at Bottoms Up for giving us a place to host the event, non-stop beverage service, the free taco bar and sound system for the band. Speaking of musicians, Claude and Tropy Rock were awesome but cudo’s have to go to Stevie and Ken (10 Beach Drive) who together logged in more stage time jamming along than the paid acts! I feel I’d be remiss if I didn’t put out a thank you to the staff and crew from the HUB/Rebound, who not only filled a couple of tables but their staffer who won the 50/50 raffle donated it back! All in All, I think everyone had a fantastic time and we were able to donate over $1030 to help the HUB continue bring their programs to the less fortunate of our community.

Lastly before I leave this subject I need to put in a plug for Danno (yep the same one from previous logs and who brought a whole table of friends to our event) and his buddy Al, who are using their own funds to bring to Bottoms Up, Key West Singer/song writer Scott Kirby on July 27. Scott is awesome, Lady Di and I always catch his act at Snappers Oceanfront Restaurant and Bar on Key Largo, (see photo) our first night in the Keys on the way to the MOTM. Check out our Event listing here on the web page for all the info.

Next up, is just a quick reminder to continue supporting our Backyard POETS and the charities our hosting members have chosen to support. June is at Teri and Vi’s, supporting the Boys and Girls Club. Please RSVP and indicate what you are bringing as Pot Luck – so we don’t end up with 4 trays of deviled eggs again!

July 21 will see us all on the water! Our Margaritaville Sunset Cruise is in full swing with tickets going REALLY fast, and setting a pace to be sold out well in advance again. If you haven’t got yours don’t be waiting til the last minute or you’ll waiting on the shore!!!! Once again Teri and Vi will be hosting the pre-boarding party at their residence. To club members, we need help setting up/tearing down, and manning our various raffles, so if you’re available let Lady Di know. Donations are always needed so if you know any business’ willing to donate, please ask.

Well that’s all for this installment, from the guy living in the Land of No Mondays!

Fins Up

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