Captain’s Log: Early Summer 2017

Rum and Scotch –just not mixed together! 

Well it’s been an awesome week, and it’s hard to figure out where to start. I guess first off congratulations to Jim F. (our club’s past and long standing MAL) and Sandy on their tying the knot last Saturday.  Lady Di and I were honoured to be included as part of the chosen few close friends to be invited to the wedding.  We would like to thank Sandy for coming into Jim’s life and once again providing female direction in his life! Hope you both enjoy your honeymoon in the Keys!

Tuesdays, over the course of the winter, I have been introduced to and lunching with a bunch of the local sail boaters from the Sarnia Yacht Club. This Tuesday, I was allowed to participate in the first sail of the season. While I have sailed various excursions in the “Islands,” this was my first Bluewater sail out on Lake Huron.

Having no hands on sailing experience, I helped out doing what I knew best, serving as “galley wench” and music DJ, thus insuring all the crew had cold beverages in hand to “provide balance” while traversing the deck. I must admit I never ever heard of beverages in hand referred to as “Providing Balance” – but hey, it must work, cuz nobody went overboard! My iPod and travel speaker system introduced the crew to previously unheard Trop Rock. They all knew I was a Parrot Head/Buffett fan but they really had no exposure to this gender of music. After almost every tune I played, came the query “That’s Buffett?” Nope, that’s …. “That’s Buffett?”, Nope that’s….  They all came to the conclusion, “those are some really great tunes, especially the sailin’ stuff”.

Today was likely the week’s apex (your new word for today, it means ”highest point”) Danno came for a visit. While I’m a regular at Danno’s “Key West” themed man cave, he rarely adventures out to the downriver burbs. Last Tuesday when we attended Wing Nite at Scroggies Grillhouse and Bar (yes this is a shameless plug for the bar which is a regular hangout for both our Parrot Head Club and the Jeep club I belong to), he’d agree to venture out. Danno loves unique bottles for his bar, into which he pours his various libations. I had purchased a unique Tequila bottle in Mexico on our vacation with him in mind, but we had never manage to make the exchange. At the Grillhouse, he said he had something special for me which he would be bringing, and quite frankly that had me quite baffled. Danno has always provided “top shelf” spirits whenever I’ve stopped in (Barbados’s Rum), and his spirit of choice is Scotch.

Scotch is not something my man cave is normally stocked with. There’s Napoleon Brandy and Bourbons, but definitely no Scotch. I’ve sent Danno the occasional scotch and soda to his table at the Grillhouse, but I’ve never actually paid attention to what brand of Scotch he was actually drinking. Needless to say I got a rude awaking when I found the Scotch aisle in the LCBO. Holy Cow! That stuff is expensive, luckily a guy who drank Scotch was shopping the same time as me and pointed over to the blended stuff the bars in town would likely be serving. Translation – the cheaper stuff!

Well Danno arrived, and I presented him the Tequila bottle and he loved it. We decided, because the weather was so nice, we would take our libations in the open bay of the garage, so I headed inside to transfer the spirits, ice and mix from the basement Man Cave to the garage Man Cave. Yes, I am one of the fortunate few men to be allowed to have TWO! With drinks poured, we settled in for some Key West catch up. Lady Di and I go down for the MOTM in November, Danno and his spouse, Nurse Nancy, do the Song Writers Festival in the spring. Danno knows over the last couple of years I’ve been collecting Buffett’s old vinyl albums and this winter set up bamboo shelving to display the album covers on the basement man cave wall. That’s when he sprung the surprise, he presented me Buffett’s 2nd album (High Cumberland Jubilee) and the “lost album” double record, (Before the Salt). Needless to say I was absolutely blown outta the water, and thought crap I should’a sprung for the Good Scotch!

Wrapping up this log, I’d like to thank all those who came out to, provided dishes to the pot luck and donations to the local Humane Society at  (Lady Di/Myself, Madam Lisa/1st Mate Rob’s) May backyard POETS. It was truly a community event with the “resurfacing” of our lost Parrot Heads members from the Sarnia (Scuba) Dive Club, members of our sister ‘Mercan  Bluewater Parrot Head Club, local Lambton County Jeepers club members, family and Redneck locals showing up to party. This event also showcased the beginnings (aka the bar portion) of my soon to be erected Black Iguana Cantina (Tiki). The final rendition/design was completed by Danno and myself over (cheap) Scotch and (good Barbado’s) Rum on coasters today. I believe it was the fourth revision, (we had to start over each time we refilled our glasses because the ink kept running from the condensation). Brutal conditions to have to work under but we persevered, and designed up a floating roof designed, well at least we think it will float!

Lastly a thank you to Jim and Karen Racz for hosting our club members at their Bluewater PHC Memorial Day Pheeding Phrenz, while I missed it because of a conflict with Jim and Sandy’s wedding, those who attended, thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

In closing, be sure to reserve August 4 on your calendar so you can Go Coastal on our club’s Margaritaville Sunset Cruise aboard the Duc D’Orleans Riverboat. Be sure to check out our events page for all the details.

Phinz Up from the Prez


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