Captain’s Log: Christmas Edition

Well, Old Man Winter has gotten his clutches on us big time this week, with over a foot of snow fall in our area (which was getting off easy compared to our neighbours to the east), and string of brutally cold days. Speaking of “Old Man” winter, how is when the weather is balmy we say “Mother Nature” this or that, but come winter it’s suddenly become a male thing? I pretty sure this nasty stuff is all the doing of a vindictive “Old Woman”? Don’t think too hard on it, it’ll ruin your buzz! Just sayin’.

Lady Di and I’s Christmas bash is once again history and we’ve been eating leftovers for over a week now. The cold with a dusting of snow this year was a far cry from the year we were all wearing shorts and T’s! I want to thank all the club members who came out, helped out, either cooking, contributing a dish, or generously added to my bar stock). Love ya Tom for the Blue Lime beer! Special thanks to VP Lee and MAL Mark for stepping up to the ‘Qs out in the cold when my regular BBQ Masters were unable to attend. Great job guys! Extra special thanks to Doc Phlockerson (Webmaster) for coming all the way outta the big city just to drop off his Mexican Casserole, (and gifts for Lady Di and I – love the Jeep hat brother). He couldn’t even stick around long enough for a drink! The burning sensation in the commode the next morning, He gets NO thanks for though!

This year saw the reuniting of the Chaos Twins, ex Treasurer Pammella and ‘Mercan member Candy, who’s antics never cease to amaze me! Why Redneck Ronnie ended with Pam’s bra on I don’t even want to know. The scary part is – it fit him!!! Thanks also to all the rest of the Bluewater Club who attended – it just isn’t Christmas without Bill and Steve, who ensured my entire homemade Margarita mix supply would not go bad, almost 6 litres! We really missed the Beebees this year as Mike misplaced his passport and was unable to enter Canada. Next year found a real cool ad (see illustration) for renaming the party “The Frozen Flamingo (Not So) Tropical Party?”

Speaking of parties, mark May 25/18 on your calendar, the Parrot Heads on the St.Clair in conjunction with our new home, Bottoms Up Bar and Grill, are going to host a Spring Fling (not sure that’s the actual name as of yet) Music event. We have the “Scuba Cowboy” Pup Morse (and lady friend) booked and Stevie D (the bar owner) is adding Copper Still’s lead singer on acoustic as the opening act. We as club members heard the Copper Still Band playing at the John and Pat’s September Backyard POETS a few years back. Stevie is even going to record the event live from his studio (it’s inside the bar). Stay tuned to our webpage and/or Facebook for details as they come available.

The Club has again booked the Duc d’Orleans Cruise Boat for 2018. this time July 21. Stevie D and the Trio will be back to rock’n’roll us on the River. So set aside this date too, and we’ll update y’all as details become available.

Next up, a huge thank you to all the Club members (ours and Bluewater) and your families and friends for the huge success our Bowling For Toys was. Yet another huge kudos to VP Lee, who saved all his Overtime meal vouchers from his place of employment’s huge summer shutdown and used them to cover all our “After Bowl” restaurant bills, asking in return everybody donate what would have been their bills into the Toy Fund. It brought in over another $300 for Lady Di to go purchase more toys with.

In total we donated enough items to provide 64 children Christmas gifts. The generosity of you folks is starting to get me misty eyed, (it’s that or the empty rum glass beside me!).

Well I have to go put the finishing touches on our NFL Football Pool trophy, having held on to it three years in a row, (and 4 of 5 years we’ve played it) it now appears (without a large miracle in the point standings), I will have to relinquish it to our club Treasurer (and next door neighbour) Lisa. Who the ‘ell let women into the poll anyway? Go Dolphins (ya right)!

So Merry Christmas to y’all, (hope Santa brings you all the beer gear you asked for) and Best Wishes for you and yours in the New Year.

The Prez  (acclaimed for yet another year – woo-hooo!)

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